GOVEE Smart Recessed Downlights Keeps Flickering When I Turn It On! [Solution]

govee smart recessed downlights

If you have not heard of the company name Govee before reading this article, you have now! Govee has really made a name for themselves in the RGB lighting world. RGB you say? Isn’t that the thing that gamers use to make their lights change color constantly? Well, yes and no. In short, RGB is simply a color lighting model that allows the user to control the color output (as well as brightness) of the lighting device.

The Govee smart recessed downlight 6″ retrofit kit takes RGB to another level by adding additional LED elements called RGBWW in order to have the lights emit color that traditional lights emit. This way you can have your home lights look fluorescent, or soft white, or everything in between.

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Prior to this, like many of you who may be reading this article, we wanted to be able to have control over our ceiling downlights and integrate them with our smart home. After trying different products from different brands like Philips and LIFX, we noticed the Govee brand gaining quite some traction and we decided to give these guys a try.

Product Summary – Govee Smart Recessed Downlights (Model #H601A)

Originally our home came with traditional cans running BR30 bulbs. They were cheap, they were effective, but they were ugly and not smart at all. We even installed a smart dimmer at one point in time to try to control those lights. We wrote an article about smart dimmers here if you are curious about that. However, it wasn’t enough granular control. We wanted to be able to control each light individually which is what made us consider the BR30 bulbs by LIFX, but we did not have a very positive experience with those bulbs so we decided to pull the trigger on the Govees.

Installation was a breeze, and the Govee team provides installation instructions on their Amazon page when you go to purchase the product. Great job Govee! They also provided this short introduction video demonstrating what these lights are capable of.

The Problem

Once the lights were installed, we thought the hard part was over, and since installation wasn’t that hard, we didn’t foresee any challenges at all.

The minute we flipped on the switch, we knew something the wrong. The lights were constantly flickering at a very fast rate. We were NOT running a smart dimmer at this time, because we were using the LIFX bulbs, which can be dividually controlled via app, so we just installed a basic “dumb” dimmer switch and left it in the “on” position at all times.

one dimmer switch one non dimmable

Ignoring the flickering, we tried to brute force pair the bulbs with the app, but it kept failing to find the devices. They would show up for a quick second, then disappear, show up again, and disappear again. Refreshing the app would change nothing. Flipping the switch on and off would just make some lights disappear and others show.

Still being stubborn, we somehow managed able to pair 2 of them successfully and connect them onto Wi-Fi but the lights just continued to flicker. At this point, we could no longer dismiss the possibility that these lights were no good. Maybe we got a defective set, or maybe this no-name brand known for affordability was more hype than value.

The Solution

Not 100% convinced that it was a product issue, we thought we’d give one more try. We operated under the assumption that the product was good, and that something else was wrong, what could it be? It was a hunch, but we thought maybe it could be the dimmer, so we did a quick Google search online, but didn’t come up with much. Didn’t seem like many people were having issues with these lights at all. Actually it didn’t seem like many people purchased these lights to begin with, so looks like we were on our own.

Looking at our light switch setup, we thought maybe the dimmer was too old and was not delivering enough power to the lights. This happened to us in the past when we retrofitted downlights in other areas of our home. Certain dimmers (in the cheap price range) were not effective in provided sufficient power to the lights and were causing subtle flickering when the lights were on low brightness.

We were somewhat skeptical of this solution because we had the dimmer turned on all the way to full power, so how could it not deliver? At this point, we were beyond logic and reason and were just desperate for a solution so we were willing to try anything!

Taking an old switch we had laying around (non-dimmable) we quickly swapped out the old dimmer switch. With fingers crossed, we flipped the circuit breaker, held our breath, and turned on the switch.

switch the switch


To our surprise, all the lights turned on and held a beautiful steady glow. It was the dimmer switch! ARG! Who knew? I’m sure some of you reading this article probably knew the answer the minute you started reading, but hey, we are no electrician, and we did a little victory dance and celebrated this win.

Pairing the lights to the app now was very seamless we did not run into any other issues. Overall, we are extremely happy with the Govee smart recessed downlights. They are bright, they look great and most importantly they are SMART!

We hope this article was able to help you resolve your issue as well. Feel free to take a look at some of our other smart tech articles. You support is always appreciated.