Ecovacs DEEBOT 900/901 Detailed Brush Maintenance and Repair Guide

deebot 900

Robot vacuums have become more and more popular over the years. As their prices continue to fall, and the technology continues to improve, more and more families find themselves with at least one or two of these helpful cleaners in their home. We also have a great article on other smart home devices we think you should consider.

A very popular option is the DEEBOT vacuum made by a company called Ecovacs. Of course, I have one of these for my home as well, and the unit I chose to purchase is the DEEBOT 900/901 model which can be purchased on Amazon for roughly $400 at the time of writing this article.

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I chose this model because it has powerful suction, smart navigation with radar technology, and is compatible with home automation such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. You can check out online reviews and determine which model is best for you!

Today, I want to spend some time talking about maintenance and repairs. Even though $400 isn’t the most expensive unit in this category, it isn’t the cheapest either. You can find much cheaper alternatives for around $100 and they will work out just fine for you if you don’t care about their seemingly random navigation patterns, non-stop bumping into things, and not actually getting the job done.

I digress. Back the topic of maintenance.

For a $400 unit, the DEEBOT 900/901 comes with a main roller brush, and 2 spinning brushes to tackle the corners and edges. We focus on the main roller brush today, because recently, I’ve had a problem with the DEEBOT telling me the brush is jammed and it would no longer function unless I cleaned it out. I live with a long haired border collie so this vacuum has been a life-saver.

Scouring the internet, I wanted to see if I could find any instructions about brush maintenance and replacement, but I could only find those for the DEEBOT N79, which is a cheaper ($180 at the time of writing this article), and a very popular alternative. However, the 900/901 is slightly different and I wanted to create this article to help people out.

I did find a Deebot 900 accessory kit from Amazon if my ability to maintain the unit utterly fails, but I had faith in my intuition and my knack for problem solving. Often, this knack leaves me with more broken things that I can’t figure out how to put back together, but hey, it’s a learning experience none-the-less.

If you just want to buy a new brush and accessories and be done with it, here you go! You’re welcome.

5 Steps For Cleaning the ECOVACS DEEBOT main brush:

step 1:

Find a flat table top with a ledge and flip the DEEBOT up-side-down and try not to push unnecessary pressure on the little cylindrical hump at the top (this is the radar unit that helps with navigation, so you don’t want to damage this).

deebot 900 up side down
step 2:

We can now remove the plastic cover that is securing the brush in place. No screws, bolts, or tools required. Just your hands.

Simply push on the tabs and pull up and the cover should simply pop out. Once both sides are popped out, you can easily lift the cover from the vacuum unit and set it aside.

deebot 901 bruch cover tabs
deebot 901 cover open 01
deebot 901 cover open 02
Ecovacs DEEBOT 900/901 Detailed Brush Maintenance and Repair Guide 1
deebot 901 cover and brush removal
step 3:

Once the cover is off, you want to remove the brush (it will lift off with very little effort as it’s not bolted or clipped in by anything). Once you have the brush out you want to remove both end caps before you give it a REAL GOOD CLEANING.

Remove the end caps requires a bit of elbow grease, and you can start on either side. Make sure you have a firm grip on the cap and the brush shaft and give it a nice firm pull.

NOTE: For the end with the nipple, be careful when removing this side, because you can easily lose the nipple and you do NOT want to lose this piece.

deebot 901 brush 02
deebot 901 brush 01
deebot 901 brush 03
deebot 901 brush 04
PULL PULL PULL! When you’ve applied the right amount the force, the end caps should come right off. REMEMBER to be careful with the side with the nipple so as to not lose the nipple piece.
deebot 901 brush cap removed nipple
deebot 901 brush cap removed end cap
step 4:


To make sure the brush will roll properly without resistance, remove all hairs and debris from the ends of the brush where the metal shaft is. Any hair wrapped around this shaft will prevent the brush from spinning properly.

Remove any dust, lint, hair, debris from the bristles as well. Dirt and gunk tends to get trapped at the base of the bristles so really get in there and pull all the dust out.

Use dry paper towels to clean the oils and dirty grease from the end shafts, and clean the end caps if you so choose to (although this isn’t important unless you are just anal like I am). Before reinstalling the end caps, you can apply a little bit of fresh grease so the end shafts if you wish. I did not do this, but I’m sure it does help. As you can tell from the pictures, my bristles are pretty messed up, and I will eventually just replace the entire brush with a new one.

step 5:

Now you can simply insert the brush back into the slot by aligning the nipple with the square shaped receiver. You may need to twist the brush back and forth a little bit to make sure everything is fitting properly.

If done correctly, the brush should sit in the groove very nicely. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. If it is was very tight to insert the brush back, then the brush will most likely not spin and the DEEBOT will give you a warning message to clean the brush again.

Here is a short animation of how easily the brush should be to reinstall. It really should drop right into the grove without any effort.

deebot 901 brush reinstall
finished! pat yourself on the back!

Now that the brush is back in, reinstall the cover be aligning the 3 tabs on the cover with the grooves on the DEEBOT, and gently push the tabs down until they clip.

Ecovacs DEEBOT 900/901 Detailed Brush Maintenance and Repair Guide 2

I hope you enjoyed this little write up and it was helpful for you. If cleaning the brush just isn’t worth your time or hassle , which I completely understand (time is valuable), then feel free to pick up one of these replacement accessory kits which contains a brand new brush as well as side brushes and new air filters! It contains everything to make your DEEBOT run like new again.