Ultimate Wedding Registry Guide: Top 8 Wedding Registry Ideas

wedding registry guide

Your wedding registry, an often overlooked part of the wedding plan. Just pick a place you normally shop at and register there right? It could be that simple, but maybe you want to do a little more research than that to make sure that your beloved attendees (especially those who can’t attend) have a wide variety of options to choose from. That way they can express their love and appreciation for you the best way possible. Would that just be frosting on the cake for a perfect wedding plan?

In this guide, we’re going to go over the top 8 registries that we commend to help you simplify your decision making so you can focus more on the big day itself.

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“Simply The Best Selection In The Industry”

If I was stuck having to put together my wedding registry at the last minute, I would bring my Amazon Prime membership, wireless internet access, a laptop, and viola. Amazon as a company has been making waves in industries all across the globe, and it is no surprised that they’ve also stepped foot into the wedding registry industry as well.

Amazon has everything you need in one spot, and they back it up with a 180-day extended return policy. Other benefits include free bonus gifts, 5 percent back on big ticket items, group gifting, and after wedding discounts of 20 percent off one gift item remaining on your registry. It is hard to go wrong with Amazon.

Bed, Bath, And Beyond

“Go Beyond The Norm”

Enjoy everything you need from one store that puts your needs first. Bed, Bath, and Beyond is your single wedding registry option, and their experience shows. The deluxe BBB wedding registry offers in-store consultations, an interactive online checklist to keep you organized, registry analyzer, and online gift tracker to help with Thank-you notes, and even a smart phone app! Let’s not forget their price match promise as well as easy returns and exchanges if you end up with something you just simply don’t enjoy.


“Enjoy Superior Perks With Great Style Options”

Fill your home with class and style with a Williams-Sonoma registry. Receive 10 percent off of any purchase for 6-month after your wedding. Enjoy a registry that comes with access to personalized exclusive items, a gift-tracker, thank-you note manager, and an opportunity to receive wonderful bonus gifts based on your guests purchases. Plus, speak to an experienced customer service technician for individualized advice opportunities.

Crate And Barrel

“All The Things Your Home Needs The Most”

Register with the lovely, and crafty Crate and Barrel, a brand often associated with high class luxury living and style. You can attend an exclusive private registry event before the store even opens. Enjoy advice from the experts in the wedding registry field, tour the store, enjoy demo products, and use their interactive trendy application that allows you to scan products onto your direct registry. Get 10 percent off for up to 6 months (with a few exceptions). Plus, you can track your thank-you’s through their website. As if all of that isn’t enough to make you use their services, Crate and Barrel gives you a lovely set of of fine stemless wine glasses just for registering.


“A Global Registry From Target”

Target’s wedding registry has store specific options such as their own web application and 15 percent off of most of the items left on your registry. Plus, they feature an absolute global registry with the ability to import registries, track your thank-you notes, and group gifting. Since they’ve partnered with Honeyfund, your guests can contribute to wonderful unique partnered experiences like snorkeling to see coral reefs and enjoy some extra Mimosas on your honeymoon while you’re at it.


“Another Great Registry to Spiff Up Your Home”

If you’ve never shopped at Wayfair before, you’ve definitely been missing out. Over the years, Wayfair has become a giant in the home improvement & styling industry with endless name brands and products to tickle your fancy.

Customize your registry with thousands of gifts to choose from for your home. Enjoy a 10 percent completion discount with free guidance from their registry specialists. Plus, add your favorite gifts with notes on the go. Let’s not forget FREE RETURNS, yes, free returns on furniture and home deco! Quite impressive indeed.


“Let’s be honest, just show me the money”

In some cultures, cash is KING. Planning the wedding itself is already time consuming enough as it is. Sometimes you just don’t have the mental capacity to think about what you want to receive as gifts. Tendr is your solution, and offers a professional way of telling your friends and family in a respectful way that you would simply like to receive cash.

When you enter Tendr, you have a great way to ask for cash. You create a wedding registry homepage with a cash registry that lets you upload a profile picture to let your guests recognize you, and you can put forth a message to your guests. Plus, Tendr is completely free for you to signup, but your guests pay a small $3 convenience fee when they give you cash. After all, the company has to make money somehow, right?


“If you enjoy outdoors, don’t miss out on this registry”

It would be unfair to our outdoorsy newlyweds if we don’t mentioning this registry. Enjoy tricked out family-sized tents or new ski boots for your honeymoon to Whistler. REI has everything you need to build an active life with your new life partner. While their online wedding registry is relatively simple, REI is well known for their great customer support and return policies.

In 2019, REI along with many other companies and brands have partnered with MyRegistries.com to host their registry services. Please don’t be surprised if you come across a link from the REI website that redirects you to MyRegistries.com for further exploration and education.


My Personal Pick?

With so many choices to pick from, we understand that it may still be a tough decision. For what it’s worth, my overall pick would still have to be Amazon. It is still the registry of choice for thousands of people because they have the best opportunity for their guests to return their items and get discounts on literally millions of wedding registry purchases. They offer the best incentives to their patrons at the best prices too. With hassle free prime delivery and returns, it really is a no-brainer.